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Comissions & Furniture painting


Discovery Call

We will have a phone call discussion to go over the details and get on the same page.


You will send me photos of what you have in mind, inspiration, and example photos of my work that you like. From these references I can give you options and recommendations for your artwork. Details like composition and colors will be discussed with you at this time. Please note: I cannot copy or replicate another piece of art due to copyright laws.


Timing varies on the size and subject of your painting. A typical commission can be completed between 4-6 weeks. I’ll do my best to accommodate deadlines but dates cannot be guaranteed if needed sooner than 6 weeks.




Since you are a part of my painting process (and much time is put into the behind-the scenes), and due to it being one of a kind (I do not make prints of commissions), prices are slightly higher than completed work. Below are some examples of pricing, but the final price depends on multiple factors such as size and complexity of work.

24″ x 24″         $800

24″ x 30″         $1200

30″ x 30″         $2,400

40″ x 30″         $2,800

36″ x 48″         $3000

48″ x 60″         $3500

A 50% deposit of the total price will be due before I begin your painting, and the remaining 50% due upon completion.


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